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Just a little bit of content and information on how to make your dog look bright & radiantly healthy.
Another important aspect of dog grooming is to clean his face, teeth, ears, eyes, and nails.
Here are the 3 basic steps to clean your dog’s face:
- Gently wash the skin around the eyes using a fresh piece of moistened cotton or make-up remover pad for each one. If you notice any discharge or inflammation, contact a vet for advice.
- Hold open the ear with one hand and gently clean inside the flap with a small piece of moistened cotton or a make-up remover pad. Use a fresh piece for each ear. Do not probe too deeply into the ear canal.
- Loose facial skin must be cleaned regularly with damp cotton. This prevents dirt, dead skin, and bacteria from collecting in the folds and causing irritation and infection.
If you are not sure about what is the right way to clean his ears and eyes, clip his nails or how to brush his teeth, join the Free Course on Dog Grooming.
The Dog Grooming Course will guide you step by step through all these and make them look like child’s play!

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