Pet Urine Odor Solution Kits for Carpet, Cement, Patios, Garages, Basements, Yards, and Artificial Grass


The Anxious Pet creates quality calming pet products that are veterinarian and scientifically formulated and feature unique, proprietary blends, found nowhere else in the market. Our focus is to help pets (and their owners) understand pet wellness and provide their pets relief through the ups & downs. The Anxious Pet supplements address specific issues including: - Fear, separation and anxiety - which is estimated to occur in 50% of pets - General aging issues like joint pain and achiness - Common traveling issues like nervousness, nausea and anxiety around other dogs - And supports health related issues like inflammation, sleeplessness and poor appetite. We recently launched our one of a kind supplement bars which are individually wrapped and are easy to take with you on all your adventures together. All of our soft chews and supplement bars are offered with both CBD and CBD-free formulations that are matched to fit each pet’s needs and their owner's lifestyle. - Made in the USA
- Formulated by veterinarians
- Grain-free, quality ingredients
- And we even have vegan options!

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