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Here are some tips on how to stop your dog from barking.
Learn what triggers your dog’s barking and how to control the barking by Subscribing to Our Dog Training Mini-Course. Understanding the causes will help you change the circumstances.
Here are 10 Tips for Controlling Your Dog’s Barking from the course:

1. Start socializing and training your dog as soon as you get him. Younger dogs are easier to train than older dogs.
2. Teach your dog to bark on command. Use the word ‘speak’ or ‘talk” whenever he barks. He will soon learn to associate that word with barking and will have a time he is permitted to bark.
3. Train your dog to follow commands like ‘stop’ or ‘quiet.’ Whenever your dog barks out of control, use ‘stop’ or ‘quiet’ in a firm voice.
4. When your dog quits barking when he is told to ‘stop’ or ‘quiet’, give him a small treat as a reward. This can be used whether he is in the yard, in a cage, looking out a window, or running to the door.
5. If you cannot get your dog’s attention to tell him to stop barking, try making a loud, sudden noise by slamming a book on a table or shaking a can of rocks or marbles.
6. Train your dog to stay home alone without barking. Try leaving him for a few minutes at a time. Do not go out of earshot the first few times. If he barks, go back and tell him ‘stop’ or ‘quiet.’ If he stays quiet, praise him when you return. Gradually lengthen the amount of time you are gone. Then lengthen the distance you go.
7. Try leaving the TV or radio on when you are away from home. This will give your dog the idea that someone is there.
8. Get your dog plenty of exercises – play games with him and take him for walks. New smells and sights and plenty of running and jumping will keep him from being bored. If you play with him and walk him at specific times each day, he will look forward to those times which will make him more compliant at other times.
9. If looking out a window or door stimulates him to bark, cover the window or door or limit his access.
10. Teach your dog new things. Obedience training in a group setting helps your dog to learn to concentrate on what you are saying and obey you. Agility training is fun and tiring for many dogs. Learning tricks is a great way for your dog to show off and get attention.
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Just a little bit of content and information on how to make your dog look bright & radiantly healthy.
Another important aspect of dog grooming is to clean his face, teeth, ears, eyes, and nails.
Here are the 3 basic steps to clean your dog’s face:
- Gently wash the skin around the eyes using a fresh piece of moistened cotton or make-up remover pad for each one. If you notice any discharge or inflammation, contact a vet for advice.
- Hold open the ear with one hand and gently clean inside the flap with a small piece of moistened cotton or a make-up remover pad. Use a fresh piece for each ear. Do not probe too deeply into the ear canal.
- Loose facial skin must be cleaned regularly with damp cotton. This prevents dirt, dead skin, and bacteria from collecting in the folds and causing irritation and infection.
If you are not sure about what is the right way to clean his ears and eyes, clip his nails or how to brush his teeth, join the Free Course on Dog Grooming.
The Dog Grooming Course will guide you step by step through all these and make them look like child’s play!

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