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ChipMonk was founded by Jose Hernandez, a diabetic baker tired of compromising between health and taste. With all of the taste and none of the sugar, ChipMonk makes delicious low carb desserts for anyone looking to indulge mindfully.
Our desserts are sweetened with monk fruit and allulose. These all-natural sugar alternatives that don't affect blood sugar and together they taste and feel just like real sugar. In our opinion, they're the best sweeteners for people following a low carb, keto, or sugar-free diet.
We know what it's like to live with dietary restrictions, and we couldn't be happier to bring dessert back to the table.
Drop the carbs, pick up a cookie.


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Gourmesso features coffee capsules for both Nespresso and Keurig coffee machines. They believe in offering high quality, excellent tasting espresso, along with friendly, first class customer service and a seamless ordering process. With their coffee sourced from a premium selection of beans originating from Indonesia and South and Central America, you are guaranteed an exceptional cup of coffee every time.
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