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Balancing Summer Fun & Healthy Sleep

Summer is a time for play and adventure, something your baby thrives on. But, it can seem like a stressful time for parents.
How do we keep naps going with all the fun? How can my baby sleep when it’s so bright outside?
Sleep is very important in the early stages of your child’s development, playing a crucial role in the development of young minds. Research shows that sleep impacts alertness and attention, cognitive performance, learning and memory, and more Article HereOf course, there’s always the simple reason and most observed - your child’s mood. Let’s be honest, if your baby isn’t sleeping well, you’re not sleeping well, and there’s not going to be much fun in the sun.
To help your little one sleep better, there’s a company called Nested Bean that has developed innovative sleepwear for a more restful night. No, it’s not some crazy technological device, it’s their Zen Sleepwear™
Founded by a mom who was in desperate need of sleep herself, Nested Bean was developed after a simple act of putting her hand on her baby’s chest with a stuffed animal and it resulting in her baby sleeping under the gentle pressure. This, in turn, got the mom thinking, and after tons of research and consulting with doctors and pediatric pulmonologists, the world's first gently weighted swaddle, and Nested Bean were born.
As of today, Nested Bean’s reach has grown and so have their array of products such as their Zen Swaddle®, Zen Sack™, and more. But, no matter the product, the core remains the same – sleepwear that soothes like your touch.

Now, since we’ve tackled sleep in general, how can a parent keep their sanity during the summer activities? Here are 4 tips to get through the season with a healthy balance of fun and sleep.

Stick to Routine
Children THRIVE on routine

so try to keep it in place, even when you’re on the go. If your baby needs to nap at a new location, bring along familiar items to keep their routine the same. Using Zen Sleepwear™ for all naps and bedtimes will signal to your baby that it is time to sleep regardless of where they’re snoozing. The Zen Bodysuit and Zen Footie™ PJ are great to pack in the diaper bag when heading out.

Keep Mornings Free

If your baby is taking three or four naps, the first two are always the most restorative, so try to book activities for your older kids later in the afternoon. Being on the go during the third and fourth naps won’t be as impactful to your baby’s overall sleep health. If you have a baby and toddler who still nap, make it a priority to be home for the toddler’s nap time so you can sync both kids’ naps—this will give them and you a nice break!

Shut Out for Some Shut-Eye

During the longer days of summer, the sun shining into your child’s room late at night and first thing in the morning is the perfect recipe for early mornings/late nights. Ensure you make your child’s room dark as possible; this will aid in their melatonin production (the sleep hormone) and will help send the sleep time cue.

Drown Out the Noise

Using white noise in your children’s rooms will also block out the external noise, such as other kids playing or the ice cream truck!
Making sure your child gets their sleep is not always easy, nor convenient. So, while you’re equipped to have a healthy balance of fun and sleep, don’t forget to embrace the fun too. Summer can be a little unstructured at times, but it’s all worth it.
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