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Time waits for no one, and age is something all women can't escape. One hundred percent of women will experience menopause in their lifetime and, along with it, bothersome, life-altering symptoms. There are various ways women can find relief from their menopause symptoms, but not all are safe or effective. However, there are many natural ways of finding relief from menopause. Natural alternatives are some of the best players in the arena of your health—relief without medication. Using natural remedies, women can target the root of their issues instead of resorting to band-aid solutions or focusing on just one symptom. Natural solutions for menopausal relief are growing increasingly popular due to their efficacy and little to no side effects experienced, unlike prescription medication or hormone pills. The natural route is a more well-rounded approach to overall health, and that's what makes it so effective. "Women familiar with natural healing choose plant-based remedies to help in many areas of their lives. Overall, natural medicine is supposed to be gentler, without harsh chemicals and agents. Because they are so gentle, it can be hard to believe that natural remedies can help with menopause symptom relief, like severe hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, brain fog, and other symptoms…"
The abundance of information and studies on probiotics have come a long way in helping women understand what they can do for their health during menopause. More and more women are turning to natural solutions to tackle their health and to alleviate their symptoms, risk-free. “Women in menopause often have a lot of symptoms, some less and some more severe than others. Think mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, thinning hair, low sex drive, bone loss, brain fog, skin problems, and so on. Some women choose to ignore their symptoms, while others go to the doctor who advises them to start Hormone Radiation Therapy (HRT). But, hormonal treatments are not always safe, which is why we want to talk about how studies show favorable results for using probiotics in menopause.” Probiotics are live, good bacteria that, according to studies, are not just beneficial for the digestive system. Probiotics can also help women’s bodies in other ways, including immune response, weight, menopausal symptoms, and overall health, to name a few. It has also been found that many factors can decrease the number of good bacteria in the digestive system, including lower hormone levels, stress, certain antibiotics, smoking, and alcohol and caffeine consumption. Probiotics differ from other hormonal remedies in their ability to help women be free from experiencing side effects and risks of developing diseases. It is possible to live a comfortable life through studies and advances in science through probiotics and their effects on women’s health. If women take the steps to improve their health, all women can learn to keep their bacterial balance in check.
Hormone fluctuations during menopause can cause various changes in a woman’s body. These changes can result in more maintenance to keep healthy and to continue their quality of life. Dental care is one of the many things women may have to be mindful of when going through menopause as women’s oral health can shift with age. It is supremely important to make dental care a priority as the body changes. “If you are going through menopause, chances are you already noticed how hormone level shifts inside your body affect your health. You could have symptoms like hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain, mood swings, and low sex drive. Apart from those, your oral health might suffer as well. It is not uncommon to have dry mouth, changes in taste buds, burning, or gum inflammation. That is why caring for your dental health is even more important in menopause.” Along with the dental problems that may arise during menopause, there are also ways to help and even prevent these issues by being mindful of your everyday actions and by choosing the right oral care products. Probiotics can also be used to address dental issues and concerns during the menopausal transition. They are such versatile bacteria that women can use them for many things like dental care, menopause symptoms, and even certain diseases.


At MenoLabs, our focus is on helping women live a better life through education, community, and products that provide relief from the symptoms of menopause. MenoLabs produces specially formulated natural probiotic supplements for women in perimenopause and menopause. We work with other national labs to create custom supplements to support heart, bone, organ health, and healthy aging.
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